Time line

First contact

After the first contact with Surro Conexion, intended parents will complete a form with basic information about themselves.


We will arrange an in-person or video-conference consultation in order to discuss the fundamental aspects of the surrogacy process and answer common questions.

Personal plan

Surro Conexión’s team will evaluate the particular situation of each case and design a personal plan for each individual or couple based on their specific needs and circumstances. This plan will then be discussed with the intended parents.

Agencies and Fertility Centers

Once the proposal/personal plan is accepted, we will coordinate video conference meetings with the surrogacy agency and the fertility center, interpretation assistance will be provided for these meetings if needed and available.

Initial paperwork

When intended parents are ready to start their surrogacy journey, Surro Conexión will assist with the initial paperwork.


Intended parents will travel to the fertility center in order to start with IVF (egg retrieval, sperm collection, FDA testing, etc.)


Intended Parents and the Surrogate work with independent attorneys who will draft, review and negotiate a contract. The embryo transfer cannot take place until all parties have signed this agreement.


After the embryo transfer, Intended Parents wait a few days for a pregnancy confirmation.

Parentage Proceedings

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the intended parents’ attorney starts working on the parentage proceedings. These proceedings differ from state to state.


The baby/babies will be given a US birth certificate. The timing and procedures for obtaining the birth certificate varies from state to state and in some cases from county to county. Once they have the birth certificate, Intended Parents can apply for an expedited US Passport for the baby in order to return to their home country.