Standard Package

Since our inception, at Surro Conexión we have proudly offered our unique and highly personalized services to future parents, with the aim of helping them navigate each step of the surrogacy process.

We are able to provide these services thanks to our experience and strong relationships with dozens of professionals who provide surrogacy services throughout the United States, who we have carefully selected to best serve our clients based on our experience of more than 20 years of uninterrupted work.

Our Standard program is rigorously designed to help, guide and support our clients, but it also helps facilitate a smoother process for all participants (clearer communications, better preparation and understanding of the process leading to meticulously analyzed and timely decisions), resulting in a "win-win" situation (mutual benefit) both for the intended parents and for the various participants in the process.

We’re excited to start working with you. We’ll begin by analyzing your profile and reviewing proposals together, along with their corresponding budgets.

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