Services included in the Standard Package

(No Fees charged to Intended Parents)
Description of services provided:
  1. A) Getting Started: Surro Conexion’s team of professionals will evaluate the particular situation of each case and design a personal plan for each individual or couple. A member of our staff will facilitate the commencement of your journey with our in-network providers.
  2. B) Surrogacy Agency: After Surro Conexion helps you find an in-network Agency that best fits your needs, we will assist you during your initial consultation and with the evaluations of surrogate profiles. We will also provide an interpreter for the “match meeting” with a surrogate, if requested and available.
  3. C) Egg Donation: A Surro Conexion team member will help educate you (via video conference) on important items to consider during the search for an egg donor. We will also provide helpful information about various Egg Donation Agencies and donor databases, and assist you in reviewing non-clinical aspects of the selected donor profiles.
  4. D) Fertility Centers: After we have helped you to select a Fertility Center that best fits your needs, we will work continuously throughout the process to ensure that the Fertility Center, Egg Donation Agency and Surrogacy Agency are communicating appropriately among one another and with you.
  5. E) Attorneys: Surro Conexion will help you to find reproductive attorneys in the state in which you are working. We will help you to select attorneys that will work diligently on your behalf and that will take the time to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your legal rights and obligations as part of the surrogacy process, including the details regarding the process for establishing legally recognized parenthood of your child (‘parentage’).
  6. F) General Support: We will be generally available to consult with you and help advise you at certain critical junctures in the surrogacy process.
  7. G) Newborn Documentation: We will guide you with the steps to follow after the baby is born in order to obtain necessary documentation for citizenship and travel.
Feel free to contact us regarding optional services not included in this package.

The following services and expenses are excluded:

  1. a. Translation of documents and forms.
  2. b. Translation of medical reports.
  3. c. Translation of contracts.
  4. d. In person assistance and accompaniment to meetings unless previously arranged and agreed upon.
  5. e. Travel expenses such as plane tickets, rental car, lodging, parking etc.