Premium Package

At Surro Conexión, one of our foundational principles is that not all Intended Parents are identical and that there is no generic ‘cookie cutter’ approach sufficient for such a highly personal and emotional journey. This is why we create highly-customized approaches and assistance for all of our clients utilizing any of our service models.

In addition to the customization that is driven by your personal and situational circumstances and requirements, we also understand that some IP’s may prefer to out-source more of the process in order to remain focused on only the higher level tasks and decisions. The IP’s that desire us to take a more comprehensive role are often burdened by significant time constraints, or simply feel overwhelmed by the numerous decisions and planning required as part of the surrogacy process. For these IP’s, we offer our Premium Service that encompasses our facilitation of the entire surrogacy process. Of course, you still make all of the important decisions, but with the confidence of knowing that we proactively walk you through each step of the process.

One fantastic feature of this service offering is that IP’s can upgrade to Premium at any time during their engagement of Surro Conexion. This allows IP’s that aren’t certain as to whether they will require this level of engagement to test the waters under one of our basic packages with the confidence of knowing that more help is just an upgrade away if necessary.

We’re excited to start working with you. We’ll begin by analyzing your profile and reviewing proposals together, along with their corresponding budgets.

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