Global solutions
for international intended parents


We are pleased to announce the creation of a new concept in services for your clients. Surro Conexion: the first company to offer GLOBAL SOLUTIONS for International Intended Parents.

After helping countless intended parents achieve their dream of becoming parents through surrogacy and egg donation for more than a decade, we decided to combine our experience and professionalism in order to help those intended parents most in need.

Our goal is to provide customized offerings of information, orientation and assistance to your clients, so that they can worry less and better navigate the most difficult obstacles in the complex surrogacy process, and better focus their time and energy on the details that are important to them.

As part of our Global Services Offering for international intended parents, Surro Conexion offers all of the necessary tools to help International Intended Parents make the right decisions before beginning their surrogacy journey:

  • Detailed consulting for all major issues at the beginning of the process.
  • In-Person assistance when possible or via teleconference otherwise, language and logistical support for in-country visits, including accompaniment to any live meetings.
  • Translation of agency contracts as well as other ordinary and special documents and forms, real time interpretations during calls and appointments, assistance with information about obtaining expedited birth certificates, passports and additional services.

We had experienced the surrogacy process first hand and therefore we know how your clients feel and think and what they need. Our fees are affordable and we adapt our assistance program to each individual intended parent's needs.

We'd also be happy to tell you more about our referral program! We know that you will find it very convenient since you will see that your clients will be ready to begin your surrogacy or egg donation programs properly informed, having evaluated the pros and cons of all available options, and ready to start the process satisfied with his/her selection. You gain time and resources when all of the early stage questions have been addressed by us.